Take Time To Look After Number One

Take Time To Look After Number One

Do you ever feel as though you’re so rushed off of your feet, that you’re never actually taking any time for number one (that’s you, FYI)? Me too! We’re talking about some you time here, time to sit back, reflect and to make sure you’re feeling your best with regards to your health and well-being. Below are just a few tips lined up which may help. There’s nothing worse than neglecting number one!

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Firstly, let’s tackle our health issues

Sometimes a health issue can really get in the way of life and bring us down, especially if progressively getting worse (take me with my EDS and hip dysplasia). Therefore it’s important to acknowledge this and take time to care for yourself, which unfortunately not many of us do! I don’t know about you, but if I’m not making sure everyone else is OK before me, taking care of work, study, friends, family etc. I feel guilty! But in-turn, that can lead to burn-out! I actually recently had to learn this the hard way and ended up taking almost 6 weeks off of work because I was just so exhausted and couldn’t focus.

According to an article by Women’s Day magazine (2011), entitled “8 surprising reasons why you’re tired”, they include potential reasons such as undiagnosed depression (but I also think this should include anxiety as well, as even severe stress can lead to depression), undiagnosed thyroid problem (check-in with your doc!) and of course the joy that occasionally rears it’s ugly head, the UTI (thanks for that one! If recurrent you can always check out something like advanced urology) So take some time for you and your health, relax in the bath, blast some tunes, whatever you have to do, take small steps to make it happen!

Some tips which help me!

OK, so even I find it difficult at times to actually find time to focus on myself and realise it’s OK to put you and your needs first. Here’s some ideas for you which I know some of my pals do, I do and which may help relax or distract your mind for a few hours

  • Turn off technology! Sounds pretty simple, right? But we’re so consumed with our screens and may of us lead our daily lives out on them. Turn your phone off for a few hours, or leave it at home whilst you go to work so you don’t feel so controlled by it! Maybe have a set time every evening when you switch it off? Charge away from your bed so you’re not temped to play on your phone/ tablet etc late into the night, thus leading to further exhaustion (hands up if guilty!)
  • Take up a hobby! This might be a little random for some of you, but finding a hobby gives you some time away from the norm of daily life and can help you to actually do something you find interesting. It could be anything from painting to swimming, just as long as you find it interesting! The distraction it will give you from the normal stress of life is wonderful. Plus you may even make a few friends along the way!
  • Meditation My lovely housemate Scott highly recommends just going down to the beach (or, if you’re not near a beach, maybe a quiet spot in your house, a park, somewhere that you can switch off) to just sit, be comfortable, close your eyes, clear your mind and just relax.
  • Read a book you love May sound simple, but dipping into a book I’ve loved for years always makes me happy. I’m kind of keen on re-reading fiction as I always seem to pick up on another tiny detail I may have missed each time
  • Spa treatment? OK, so I’ve become THAT person. Once a month I take myself to have a facial treatment which includes and neck, shoulder and head massage by the lovely Fran at Chocolate Treats Salon in Southsea. It’s my one naughty expense each month, and I think we often feel guilty about spending money on ourselves, but hey! We work hard for our cash money, so why not?!
  • Listen to your favourite music I’m happiest when I turn my phone off and chuck on a favourite record and really listen to the lyrics and the beats, rather than having tech distractions
  • Have a laugh with your pals Surround yourself with good buds. I have a lovely group of pals who have each others backs through the rough and the smooth, which just makes the good times even better
  • Get in the gym! I guess this could sit under hobbies? Though doing a good workout releases those happy endorphins (or happy dolphins as my boo, Hollie likes to say)




































In conclusion

As easy as it is to always focus on the happiness of other people and uplifting others (hello, fellow empaths!), there’s nothing better and more important than making sure you’re happy and in a good place first. As mentioned previously, this is something people often struggle to find, especially when there’s just so much stress going on in daily life. So, however you do it, find time in your day/ week for some self-care.

After reading this, I really do hope you find some time to look after number one!

Alanna xo

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