Thin AF?

Thin AF?

*Warning, post may contain triggers and contains some strong language*

Hi friends!

Long time no speak!

As you may know I’m studying a master’s degree in Digital Marketing part-time as well as working a full-time job. Alongside that life has been pretty crazy recently with the buying of my first home (yikes!) and the unfortunate passing of my best, little buddy Eli (my cat of 5 and a half years, bless his fluffy soul). Therefore I’ve not been on the blogging train as much as I have wanted to be the past few weeks. Sorry ’bout it.

What’s this post about then?

So, for those of you that follow my Instagram, and mainly my Insta stories, you may be aware of my recent mini rant with regards to a post that popped up on my feed from Khloe (or ‘Khole’ as I spelled it, fitting with regards to this topic) Kardashian’s recent Insta story. The image was a collage of photos of her and I guess some family/ friends; the tag line read “5 hacks to look thin AF in your pics”.

5 hacks to look thin AF in your pics

Well, friends and followers, I’m not sure about you, but this immediately made me see red? Khloe Kardashian comes from a family with such power and social influence, which really should be put towards some social good really made my blood boil. This also goes against many things she’s said in the past, for example an ENews article where she speaks of self-love and acceptance, apparently she was “chronicling her journey to body-image victory for fans” in her then new memoir. Also take note of the Huffington Post interview back in 2012 when she recalls being the “fat sister” (in her own words) and referred to all social media as being demonic. Though surely by saying something like ‘5 hacks to look thin AF…’ you’re just contributing to the ‘Boca del Inferno’ (bonus points for you for getting that sweet pop-culture reference, level-up, we can be pals).

Societal pressures on women

In reflection after my rant directed towards the reality TV star I actually thought, ‘hang on a minute, is this really her fault?’. Women have been consistently scrutinised by the media, often being portrayed as ‘objects‘ of desire, with models looking a certain way and there being some sort of ideal view of beauty and body shape in society that just seems to have escalated with the rise of various social media platforms (I’m defo looking at you, Instagram). All you need to do is walk past a trash mag in WH Smith’s to see headlines about some celeb woman’s beach body and journo’s saying how awful they look. Get in the sea, evil journo’s.

Anyways people. If you read my blog, by now you’ll know I can’t quite shake those academic vibes, so I’ll always chuck in some stats and facts when I can. ROLL TAPE:

WTF can we do about this?!

Well folks, that indeed is the penultimate question. I think all we can keep doing is educating ourselves and others about this issue, and us women need to join together to lift each other up! Whatever shape or size we may be, it doesn’t matter as that shit is so superficial. It’s what’s in your heart that counts. Be kind, treat others how you’d like to be treated, be a fierce warrior, realise it’s OK to not be OK and open up to people about this kind of stuff.

I see so many strong, confident and amazing women put themselves down on the reg because of these ridiculous societal pressures to look a certain way, if it’s my pals I always have to tell them off (in a nice way, you understand).

But Alanna, I still want to know how to look ‘Thin AF’ in my photos!


Alanna’s guide to looking ‘Thin AWESOME AF’ in your photos:

  • Wear whatever the f**k you want
  • Hold your head up high and werk it
  • Smile like you’ve just seen the cutest fluffy doggo in the world slow mo running towards you
  • Eat that doughnut. Enjoy it. Get a photo with sugar all over your face and SMILE
  • Have a massive group hug with your best pals and get someone to take a photo of you all
  • Go dancing with pals and take loads of photos so you can laugh at them the next morning
  • Create memories with those you love and tell them that they are beautiful on the inside as well as on the outside

Also, listen to this song. If you’ve not seen the Greatest Showman yet, don’t worry 😉 This just resonates with the blog post theme and made me cry the first time I heard it. Be strong you beautiful creatures:

Alanna. OUT. (drops mic, exits stage left) xo


  1. Regine
    March 18, 2018 / 8:53 am

    Well said chick! You certainly dropped that mic 😉

  2. Affan Ali N.
    March 18, 2018 / 10:33 am

    Haha. I read you blog. ( Reacting to your instagram story)
    affan.ali.n – is my instagram acct

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