What’s my age again?

What’s my age again?

What’s up followers?

So, today is my birthday (Happy birthday to me, etc, etc) and I thought I’d write a brief post about age and all it’s glory.

I remember about 6 months prior to turning 30 I had a massive melt-down. Certain milestones I’d set myself or had ideals of hadn’t been met; I was single, no children, not even a whiff of a suitor showing any advances or what have you, pet-less and flat out broke. The onset of my 30’s was starting to look pretty bleak for my (then very anxious and depressed) self.

Anyways, my early 30’s showed a lot of change. cat – check, boyfriend – check, shared a nice house with him and various lodgers, holidays to Spain, Africa, NYC were had, started my master’s degree and changed job roles to something more me and am on the right trajectory for my career. As many of you will know, the boyfriend aspect of my life didn’t work out this time, but there are hell-to-the-no hard feelings, it was my choice, he’s a peach and we’ll always be friends (I hope).

I guess I can be quite a selfish person, but if anything my 30’s has taught me that you have to look after yourself more and there’s nothing wrong at all with putting yourself first. In your gut you will know when you have to do this. I’ve had people make me feel like the bad person for the most ridiculous of things, even if I have been a tool in the past (which, let’s face it, we’ve all been there) and those people played on my anxiety and depression and didn’t make me feel good about myself or as a member of society. Cut. From. The. Team.

Age has also made me learn to accept my flaws, be a better friend and a kinder person to others and to myself. It has also lead me to a new found love of the most amazing, strong, passionate and loving bunch of female friends this non-girly girl could ever wish for. No BS, straight down the line, non-bitchy awesome women. That was worth waiting until my mid-30’s for I tell thee.

So today as I reach the tender age of 36 years young I impart this knowledge to you:

  • Be sassy as f**k
  • Work hard and push yourself – YOU. CAN DO. IT (don’t let head niggles or anyone else tell you otherwise)
  • You are stronger mentally than you think
  • Be grateful for your friends, family and loved ones and make time for them
  •  Don’t let negative people bring you down.
  • Life is short and your 30’s seem to flash before your eyes. Enjoy every minute of them.
  • Laugh more
  • Love harder
  • Take risks
  • Don’t be afraid of being yourself, just because of what others or society may think of you (just werk it). What other people think of you or may say is none of your business, so why worry? Ain’t nobody got time for that
  • Exercise more – mentally and physically. Yoga and weights are awesome, but perhaps not at the same time. Sun salutations with a 30kg bar anyone?
  • Save, don’t spend – live within your means. As much as ASOS is shouting at you that you need those limited edition pair of sneaks, your 20+ shoe collection is telling you otherwise (I mean, how many feet do you have?)
  • Give something back and don’t expect anything in return – whether it’s buying a coffee for someone in the coffee shop queue, buying a homeless person a meal, donating a couple of quid to charity, holding a door open for someone, smiling and saying good morning, or helping an elderly person across the street. Do these things weekly and I guarantee your life will be full of happy vibes.
  • BELIEVE IN YOURSELF AND LOVE WHO YOU ARE: that goes for mind, body and soul

So, there you have it folks. A short birthday message from me to you. Another year around the sun, and I feel stronger, happier and more confident than I ever have done. Age is but a number, my number is 36, but it doesn’t define me.

Peace out xo









  1. December 29, 2017 / 10:19 am

    Love this post. I’m also a year older than you. Poxy age.

    • rubyxredxheart@gmail.com
      January 2, 2018 / 10:33 am

      Our 30’s are great though, right? Never have I been so in-tune with myself and confident in who I am. That wavers on occasion I guess, though I’m happy to be here and living life in a positive frame of mind 🙂

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