My casual style

My casual style
My approach to fashion and trends is generally quite relaxed. I like to pick out pieces which I feel comfortable in which reflect my personality, and I don’t tend to follow any ideals of “what’s hot and what’s not”. Since I was little personal style has always been important to me, though it’s never something I’ve really consciously thought about and I rarely struggle to put outfits together. I think it’s all about being comfortable in your own skin, finding clothing that fits which not only reflects elements of your personality and style, but is also comfortable and wearable. Too many people stress out about size of clothing these days, I have clothes in my wardrobe ranging from a size 8, to a size 18. Don’t stress about these things EVER, as it’s only a number. Just rock your fabulousness (new word, loving it) and just do you! My casual style is generally a mix of vintage and new.


Anyways, here’s an outfit that I was rocking last year which I still totally adore. These jeans are my wardrobe staple, band t-shirts of which I have many (though I’ll link to Ruby the Hatchet as they are badass), mustard faux leather biker jacket for the win, vintage cowboy boots (eBay is your pal for these), tassley bag which I don’t use as much as I’d like to and of course, a blogger staple, the hat!


Keep is sassy!


Alanna xo
Mustard Biker Jacket: ZARA
Hat: Filippo Catarzi
Dagger necklace: Empty Casket
Black ripped Jeans: TopShop
Band t-shirt: Ruby the Hatchet (video for your viewing pleasure below!)
Tan leather belt: Vintage (thanks Mama!)
Black embroidered cowboy boots: Vintage (eBay find)
Silver jewellery: Assorted brands. One I made myself and another one made by my friend and jewellery designer/ illustrator Julia de Klerk
Ruby the Hatchet- Vast Acid (official)

All photographs taken by the beautiful Yasmin Collins. She’s a true peach. You can check out her work here: Website Instagram Facebook

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