You’re so Kewpie!

kewpie mood board

The iconic Kewpie Doll has recently been given a new lease of life through tattoo flash to jewellery and even home accessories. I for one am hooked! Here’s a selection of my current favourites and where you can purchase them from:

1. Stainless steal Kewpie stud earrings- ($15.00AUS) Jubly Umph

2. Eco soy, unscented vegan Kewpie candle- (£8.00) FreshPastryStand

3. Kewpie Necklace- (£15.00) Bête Noire for Things & Ink Magazeine

4. Kewpie iron on patch and baby blue fitted cropped top w/ capped sleeves- (£3.00 & £18.00)- Abandon Ship Apparel. Links- patch, croppped top.

5. Kewtie scree print flour sack tea towels- (£6.00 for one)- AtomicBeasts

6. Cylinder Kewpie Cabeza- (£46.67- you can choose your own colour too!)- CircaCeramics

7. Kewpie Doll bandana by Lucky 13- ($9.00)- Sourpuss Clothing


  1. April 29, 2015 / 9:55 am

    oh I used to have one of these dolls when I was little. We lived on a farm in the ctunory and I left the doll in the shed and sadly some rats decided to chew it up!! I was so sad

      April 29, 2015 / 1:09 pm

      Oh gosh, Ashwin! That’s awful! I love their faces, such character!

      Hope you’re having a wonderful day! x

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